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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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Monday, October 02, 2006

FRDGROUP experience guarantees a better service including:

  • Global Trade & Investment
  • Real Estate: Leasing, Renting, Buying, Selling and Management of commercial and residential properties around the Turkey
  • Marketing & Brokerage
  • Research & Feasibility Studies
  • Consulting & IT Services
  • Global Trade & Investment

    Real Estate

    Marketing & Brokerage

    Research & Feasibility Studies

    IT Services: Promotion & Web Presence

    Professional website and graphic designs

    * FRDGROUP has been in the web development business for over 3 years.
    - Our Web Design Team established ourselves on the Internet in 2002 and have been doing web presence accounts ever since.
    - They have designed many major websites for company, corporate, industrial, and personal clients.
    - They are confident they can provide your company the most practical web site, at a affordable turn key price, that has the most professional atmosphere.
    - They are diverse, creative, and fast.
    * FRDGROUP provides a full web presence service. From web site creation, to launch, to hosting.
    More and more corporate bodies are finding it necessary to establish a web presence. We are saying that the advantages of having a corporate site cannot be ignore anymore.
    - Our prices are highly competitive for the level of professionalism that we create.
    - Our Web Design Team's primary service is website development. We layout the site design, create graphics, and even create content based on your ne